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Tips on How to find Your True Passion

Having a passion for something sounds easy… but, that’s not the case for everyone. Here are some tips on how I personally found my own passions. I hope they guide you to yours.

Ask someone who knows you well to tell you what they think your passions are. Sometimes it takes someone else to see things in us that we don’t see ourselves.

Think of things you have done in your life that make you feel alive and excited to do again. Often we do things repeatedly that make us happy no realizing its a passion.

If money and time and were not an issue, what would you do? Maybe scale it down a bit, work with what you have. A smaller approach to what these things are may put you in a direction to working towards the bigger goal.

Analyze your surroundings, the people you are around regularly, and what interests you have in common. Being near those that have similar interests can be motivating and inspiring to us in our own endeavors.

Meditate (or pray). Life will keep us busy and can keep our minds clouded with the everyday hustle. Take time out to sort through your own thoughts. A little bit of clarity goes a long way.



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