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Self-care for the New Year

It’s THAT time of year again. Time for fresh starts, new beginnings, setting goals, and re-evaluating your personal growth. At least that’s what bringing in the New Year does for me.

One of the things I’ve gotten in the habit of is creating a list for each of my “resolutions”. Each new thing that I want to tackle has its own list of “things to do” to get them achieved and having a check-off list helps you get to that point.

Task tip: Your brain actually works better when you focus on just one job at a time, rather than trying to be a multitasking master. You don’t always need to eat while you’re writing emails or check your email in the middle of prepping for a presentation. Put the phone down.

Speaking of cellphones, I have become so glued to my phone for work purposes, it’s easier (for me) to make these lists on my phone’s calendar. Using a planner is great too if you are one to write things down.

Here are a few things to try this new year:

Change your daily routine
Add something different to your routine that you know makes you feel good and remove what you feel doesn’t inspire you anymore. Sometimes we need to kick it up a notch and get out of the everyday norm. Trying new things is always fun too.

Social media cleansing
If you have people on Facebook who don’t ever comment anything nice and are always ready to comment negatively…DELETE (or unfollow) them! Same goes for all your other social media platforms. Keep in mind you are not obligated to keep anyone (that goes for family too) on your friends list. Another great idea is to move your social media apps off of your phone’s home screen if you feel you spend too much time on social media apps.

Work/Life Balance
We all have different lifestyles and occupations however, if you were feeling the “burn-out” this past year, maybe it’s time to get a little more balanced in both your personal and professional life. Try not working so many extra hours, trying to please everyone in your life by saying “yes” all the time, and taking some time out for yourself. Schedule at least one thing a week that you love to do.

Keep a Clean Home
I get it, you’re busy… and the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning up your house. Instead, you ignore the mess and watch as it builds up to the point of not knowing where to start when it comes to cleaning up. Try spending at least ten minutes each day cleaning and tidying up. You’d be surprised how little things like wiping down coffee pots, wiping down countertops, or changing your sheets once a week will help keep your place neater.

Plan a Vacation
Even if it’s just a short road trip type of weekend in a nearby small town you’ve never visited, a getaway can help you reset and refocus when you’re back at work. Stop thinking about vacation as an indulgence (which it certainly can be) but more of a well-deserved break.

Healthy dates and outings
Make time to catch up with friends and family members a couple of times a month. Try out new restaurants, host a potluck, take a walk in the park, or attend an event together. Check in with old coworkers that you don’t see as often as well.

Invest in Yourself
Mental and physical health is highly important and we tend to put ourselves last. Joining a gym, seeing a therapist, and buying healthy foods all cost money, yes, but you could argue that they’re all money well spent. Plus, when you take care of yourself, it’s that much easier to take care of your family and friends around you.

Glow Up!
Besides eating your veggies and making sure you use SPF everyday, get that skin glowing by getting monthly facials or getting on a good skin care regimen.

Get more sleep
We need sleep. How are we supposed to conquer the world if we are tired? A good place to start is establishing a tranquil sleep environment by making small changes, like setting a bedtime for yourself (no devices allowed afterward!), investing in blackout shades for your bedroom, or adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable temp to ensure more restful sleep.

Write down accomplishments
Remind yourself of the great things you’ve achieved and accomplished. It’s good to be proud of yourself and can also be motivating for your next venture.

Start the new year with a “bang” and focus on that self-care. Happy New Year!

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